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Clear, consistent and cost effecting bridging finance solutions for investors, developers, individuals and professional’s clients.

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Bridging loans are often used to support property transactions, auction purchases and property development projects. They can also be used by businesses requiring a working capital injection. The use of a refinancing loan in this area is extremely varied and is becoming increasingly recognised by professional advisors as a solution to their client’s requirements.

Indeed, a refinancing loan can be a quick and cost-effective way to release capital tied up in property. Whether you need funds to pay a bill, improve short term cash flow, buy an asset or refurbish a property, our bridging loans provide the fast finance you need to complete your transaction within a short time frame.

BFS specialises in capital release bridging loans from £50k up to £2m. Arranging a bridging loan is much faster than arranging a facility from a high street bank and as such can help you to avoid costs associated with missed payments or enable you to facilitate a valuable business deal. After submitting an application, we can provide you with a decision in principle on the same day and it typically takes just 10 days to draw down funds.


Typical business uses of bridging finance includes:

Our clients are typically looking to secure fast short term funds whilst a property sale or refinance completes and require cash flow in the interim period.

  • Tax payments
  • VAT payments
  • Temporary cash flow
  • Funding of stock


Own property?

Our bridging loans can be secured against many different types of property. If you have property security, we can raise funds quickly whilst the property is sold or refinanced.


Need to refinance an existing lender?

Many circumstances occur where an existing lender needs to be refinanced quickly. We are able to assist by providing fast finance whilst long-term funding is arranged, or the property is sold in a controlled manner to maximise its value. With enough equity in the property, we are often able to cover interest payments within the value of the property.


No early redemption fees

BFS do not charge early redemption fees so if you are able to raise capital earlier than you expected, we will not charge you for paying off your loan before reaching the loan term.


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Lending Criteria

Minimum loan


Maximum loan


Maximum loan to value

70% OMV

Loan term

1 day to 24 months

Upfront fee


Product fee


Exit fee


Expiry fee


Redemption fee


Hidden costs


We are a principal lender which means that we work with our own money and do not need to consult any third parties before completing a transaction.

We have years of experience and a proven track record in funding schemes from £50k to £2m. This is why we can make you an offer within hours – and draw funds in days, not weeks.

BFS is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which demonstrates our reputation as a responsible lender.

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Bridging finance isn’t just used for purchasing property, it can be used for:

  • raising capital
  • meeting a business obligation
  • settling tax liabilities
  • purchasing stock
  • short term cash flow
  • managing probate
  • HMO finance

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