Couple Secures Sale of £1.5mil Property With Bridging Finance

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Customer – Helena Smith/Jack Smith

Loan type – Bridge pending sale of property

Helena Smith and Jack Smith were keen to move quickly to secure the sale of a £1.5million residential property in Hamstead.

A pending sale on a separate property owned by the couple in St Albans was delaying the release of funds.

Helena, frustrated by the lack of progress from her solicitors, contacted Bridging Finance Solutions direct to discuss a short term bridging loan – time was the over-riding critical factor and the team at BFS worked closely with Helena from the outset.

Helena, a solicitor, said: “The communication with BFS was exceptional from the beginning. They kept me in the loop every step of the way and made sure I understood the process from start to completion.

“Jeanette from BFS was fantastic to work with and had a level of communication beyond any I’ve dealt with previously in the financial world. My husband and I have been involved in buying and selling property for many years and Jeanette’s approach was exceptional.

“We were very frustrated with our solicitors and BFS were incredibly flexible and worked alongside us to meet our deadline – we were able to make the draw down on the loan within an incredibly short timeframe and seal the deal.

“I would recommend BFS to anyone. They are transparent, proactive and flexible.”

Jeanette Gwatkin of BFS added: “We knew that time was of the essence in this deal and made sure we worked to meet all of the very pressing deadlines. From the point at which the deal was agreed to funds being released,  was six days – Helena and her partner were delighted and we were of course very pleased to be able to help them secure their new home.”

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