Regulatory Bodies

We provide a fair and transparent service to borrowers and businesses alike.

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Bridging Finance Solutions Group provide regulated bridging loans across England & Wales. We have voluntarily taken the step of joining and registering with a number of professional and regulatory bodies because we believe this strengthens the integrity of our business and our reputation as a responsible lender.

Financial Ombudsman

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an agency for arbitrating on unresolved complaints between regulated firms and their clients.  Full details of the FOS can be found on its website.

Office of Fair Trading

The OFT's mission is to make markets work well for consumers. Markets work well when businesses are in open, fair and vigorous competition with each other for the consumer's custom. As an independent professional organisation, the OFT plays a leading role in promoting and protecting consumer interests throughout the UK, while ensuring that businesses are fair and competitive.


BFS are Patrons of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers which serves to promote ethical business practice and enforce a code of conduct amongst its members. The association’s objective is to achieve recognition by Government, lenders, other professional bodies, the business community and the public, of the Code’s objectives and of Members’ professionalism.


The FCA acts to ensure that authorised firms have its customers at the heart of how it does business, giving them appropriate products and services, and putting their protection above profits or remuneration. To make sure consumers are protected and treated fairly, they monitor which firms and individuals are able to enter the financial markets, making sure that they meet their standards before authorising them. The FCA then supervise how we work and stop those that are not meeting our standards from carrying out the activities that we regulate.


The astl’s function is to protect and promote the interests of it’s members and to give confidence to the public, businesses, the financial community and all parties who transact with the members. As the name implies the members are financial companies who provide loans and mortgages for short terms, usually no longer than one year. The astl requires its members to support its objectives, and to comply with all of the association's laws and regulations, and its own code of conduct.