Tax Payment Bridging Loans

Bridging loans can help businesses to settle time critical debts and meet tax demands.

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Bridging finance is not only used for property transactions. It can also be used to help individuals and businesses to settle time-critical debts and tax demands.

Funding can be used to release time-critical cash flow from property equity to allow time for a property to sell, a long term refinance to take place, or liquidity become available from other business or personal sources. Typically our clients in these circumstances are asset rich but time and cash poor.


Paying off an outstanding tax bill?

A bridging loan is a short-term funding solution which will help you to quickly resolve your current circumstances until a more permanent funding solution is available. It takes a matter of days to raise the required funds, which are secured against your property asset, enabling you to pay off an urgent HMRC tax bill within a short time frame. If you are a property developer facing tax liabilities, a bridging loan can give you the extra time you need to complete a project before enjoying the dividends.


Settling an inheritance tax bill?

When a loved one passes away, perhaps the last thing you want to be dealing with is inheritance tax. Inheritance Tax is levied on estates worth over £325,000. It is charged at a rate of 40% and must be paid within six months, often requiring assets to be liquidated quickly. Bridging finance offers bereaved families some breathing space and they can use the loan to pay off debts instead of being forced to sell assets as quickly as possible.

Removing these time pressures means estates can be sold at their full value, therefore enabling individuals to pass on their wealth to future generations. Bridging loans can also help you to retain ownership of a family home and take control of shares in a family business.


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Lending Criteria

Minimum loan


Maximum loan


Maximum loan to value

70% OMV

Loan term

1 day to 24 months

Upfront fee


Product fee


Exit fee


Expiry fee


Redemption fee


Hidden costs


We are a principal lender which means that we work with our own money and do not need to consult any third parties before completing a transaction.

We have years of experience and a proven track record in funding schemes from £50k to £2m. This is why we can make you an offer within hours – and draw funds in days, not weeks.

BFS is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which demonstrates our reputation as a responsible lender.

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