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With a willing client and legal team we are typically able to draw down funds in 10 days, but faster in certain circumstances.

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Whether you’ve discovered a new property development opportunity or uncovered a gem at a property auction, our bridging loans provide fast finance where time is paramount, giving you the freedom and ability to move quickly on a property purchase.

Arranging bridging finance can take a matter of days, compared to the months it takes to arrange a loan from a bank or high street lender, allowing you to safeguard your investment opportunity and eliminate the risk of the deal falling through.

BFS specialises in bridging loans for fast property purchases. Our increasing number of repeat clients demonstrates that we deliver a clear and cost-effective bridging solution. Furthermore, whilst many bridging loan companies do not have an appetite for lower value deals, we remain committed to this market lending from £25,000 up to £2million.


Buying a property?

Property professionals are increasingly using short-term funding to complete transactions quickly. Bridging Finance Solutions often provides funds to clients within 10 days but in urgent cases funds can be arranged faster. We have been known to complete loans in just 48 hours.

Due to the speed of completion on bridging loans, purchasers are able to compete with cash buyers, negotiate discounts and act quickly and decisively. With terms from 1 day to 24 months, we can offer full flexibility to meet your requirements. We can also provide proof of funds as required.

Many of our clients find that the discount that they are able to negotiate from a vendor by being able to complete a purchase so quickly is equal to, or exceeds the costs of borrowing funds from BFS so that we become a nil on-cost to the transaction and the vendor is effectively covering our costs.

Bridging loans can be ideal if you are:

  • Purchasing unmortgageable property
  • Buying at auction
  • Buying from vendors looking for a fast sale
  • Property flipping


Downsizing or need to break a property chain?

If you need to secure a property quickly but your own property has not yet sold, we can help. A bridging loan helps you to ‘bridge’ the gap between the completion of a sale and the mortgage on a new property, meaning you avoid losing your new home.

Similarly, if the buyer of your property lets you down or delays completion of the sale, a bridging loan allows you to secure the new property while the problem is being resolved. This facility is then redeemed on the sale of your existing property. This short term funding option is also often used by downsizers.


Heading to auction?

28 days after the hammer falls, the full value of a property bought at auction must be paid which makes long term financing such as mortgages more difficult to put into place. Specialist finance is an ideal option in this scenario. BFS provides a quick turnaround of short-term funding which can be agreed before, during or after an auction to ensure that you have the finance you need in time for completion.

Read more about our auction finance facilities here.


How else can bridging finance be used?

Capital Release >
Managing Probate >
Making Tax Payments >
Short Term Cash Flow >

Make it happen

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Lending Criteria

Minimum loan


Maximum loan


Maximum loan to value

70% OMV

Loan term

1 day to 24 months

Upfront fee


Product fee


Exit fee


Expiry fee


Redemption fee


Hidden costs


We are a principal lender which means that we work with our own money and do not need to consult any third parties before completing a transaction.

We have years of experience and a proven track record in funding schemes from £50k to £2m. This is why we can make you an offer within hours – and draw funds in days, not weeks.

BFS is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which demonstrates our reputation as a responsible lender.

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