Fintech and The Future of Bridging Finance

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As one of the most forward thinking and dynamic bridging companies operating in the market today, Bridging Finance Solutions is committed to embracing and utilising new technologies for the benefit of both the business and the product and service offering to its customers.

The firm’s recognition of the relevance of Fintech and its role in shaping the future of the short term property finance sector has lead BFS Managing Director, Steve Barber, to complete a post-grad programme with Oxford University on the subject.

Steve explained: “Technology is disrupting every industry and none more so than the financial sector. It’s vital that BFS and its team understand the issues and factors that will shape our sector moving forward in order to make informed and positive decisions that will ultimately enhance the customer experience.”

The programme from Oxford University on financial technology and innovation aims to give insight and direction for delegates to launch Fintech ventures and harness new technology to build better financial services firms.

The 10 module programme includes the development of a number of papers based on key principles under the Fintech concept.

Steve added: “The course has been fascinating and a real eye-opener. We have already begun to consider changes within our business in areas where technology can ultimately improve and enhance our service and product offering.”


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