Half Year Lending Up By A Staggering 85% at BFS

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BFS has announced an overall increase in lending of 85% in the 6 months to June 2021, compared to the same period in June 2020.

The team has realised its best-ever month in June 2021 that saw an increase of 51% on BFS’s previous highest lending month in the firm’s 15-year history.

Lee Gilmore, Head of Business Development at BFS explained: “It’s really interesting to examine our financial performance and consider growth and the reasons behind it. Admittedly, three months early in 2020 were severely impacted by Covid, however, if we compare this period to the first half of 2019, we still increased lending by 36%.

“We believe some of the increase we have seen has been through a shift in the way that we structure our deals and have been more focused on the headline interest rates, which has undoubtedly attracted more customers.

“These figures are fantastic and we have far surpassed our goals. To do this during the pandemic is an amazing achievement and gives us solid foundations on which to build further still.”

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