Opening Polish Doors!

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Networking and raising awareness of the possibilities and uses of short-term lending is key in developing the BSF brand to various networks and groups across the UK. 

BFS recently sponsored an Asbiro Investors event, an afternoon of networking specifically launched for the Polish community interested in or currently investing in property.

Adam Bluma,  a BDM with BFS and a Polish national, joined the group’s latest event in Sheffield which included over 400 delegates of Polish community members from across the North. With a number of expert speakers in place, and the opportunity to network, the event was considered a major success amongst the aspiring property delegation, keen to make their mark on the UK property sector.

Adam explained: “This is the second time I have attended an Asbiro event,  and the first time as a sponsor,  it was a great afternoon to be part of.  For the majority of those there, they have moved from Poland to the UK and their first language is Polish.  There were around 400 people attending, all with an interest in the UK property market with some already investing in HMO’s, BTL’s or simple conversions, and some looking around to see how where they begin.  

“As a short-term BFS lending professional, it was great to be able to share information on self-build developments and bridging, how it can be used and the potential it offers. Refurbishment and development can initially appear to be fairly complex and so the event presented a perfect opportunity to break down the process and explain how and where it can be used. A daunting prospect when English is not your first language.   BFS are keen to support this event moving forward and I personally will be taking part to support my Polish compatriates.

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