Discuss Payment Difficulties

Please don’t ignore the problem. Contact us as soon as possible. We understand that not all matters go to plan, so if circumstances mean you could use some help right now, we’ll do whatever we can to provide it. Our approach We’d prefer you to contact us as the earlier you talk to us about a payment problem, […]

Request a Redemption Figure

At the point you wish to repay your loan, you will need to contact us in order to obtain a settlement figure representing the exact amount that you owe. You can do this by asking your solicitors acting for you on the redemption of your loan to either write to us marking the letter for […]

Manage your Loan Account

Sometimes during the term of your loan, you may want to make some changes to the terms we agreed at the start or advise of a change of circumstances. For example, you may want to extend the loan term or apply for a further advance. Dependent upon your circumstances, we may be able to assist. Please […]

Making a Payment

BFS offer a range of simple payment methods for you to choose from: Standing Order Online Payments Internet Banking Telephone Credit / Debit Card Payments Cheque by post Whichever payment method you choose to pay off your bridging finance loan, it is important to make sure your payment details are accurate and that it reaches […]

Open Banking

What is Open Banking? Open Banking is a series of UK Government reforms that legislate how banks deal with your financial information, called for by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). All large UK banks must now allow you to share your financial data – as long as you give permission. Other small regulated banks and […]