Steve Barber Joins Board of Leading Industry Body

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Steve Barber, Managing Director of Bridging Finance Solutions, has been voted onto the new Board of Directors of the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL).

The voting process for the Executive committee was finalised this week and the new Board of Directors appointed from 1st September 2019. The board includes five lender member representatives and one associate member representative plus the CEO.

Steve Barber, Managing Director of BFS commented: “I am delighted to have been voted onto the Executive Committee as a Board Director of the Association of Short Term Lenders by my fellow professionals in the sector. The National Association, based in London, represents the interests of the short term property finance sector, currently worth in excess of £4 billion. I hope that my 14 years’ experience in building Bridging Finance Solutions can add value to the members of the Trade Body in liaison with the wider UK financial community.”

Directors serve as Executive Committee members of the ASTL, who act as a guiding influence and provide direction and decision-making to the Association in liaison with the UK Regulatory Authorities, The Press, and the wider UK Property Finance Sector.

Bridging Finance Solutions is one of the sector’s most rapidly growing bridging and development finance lenders focusing on a northern customer base, sub £1million loan and development loan products. The firm launched 14 years ago and is one of only a handful of firms to have secured FCA accreditation in the region.

Steve continued: “It’s great to sees a strong geographical and specialist representation of industry figures elected to the ASTL board. This is an important and influential body and I look forward to working with colleagues and industry leaders to uphold best practise within the bridging sector.”

The function of The Association of Short Term Lenders is to protect and promote the interests of its members and to give confidence to all parties who transact business with them. Our members abide by a strict code of conduct; they are typically bridging and property development finance companies who provide loans and mortgages for short terms usually of between six months and one year.

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