BFS reinforce commitment to localised broker relationships

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Bridging Finance Solutions has revealed further details of its ambitious growth and expansion plans reaffirming its commitment to retaining personal and localised relationships with its core client group, the broker.

Nurturing professional relationships has sat at the heart of the BFS operation since launch 13 years ago and will remain a driving force as growth continues, estimated at 25% year on year for the next five years.

John Hardman, Head of Sales at BFS explains: “Our operation and external profile has undoubtedly been built around our people, and in a sector that can often appear faceless and centred around figures and interest rates, that is incredibly important to us.

“I recognise the importance of owning an identity as a lender, an approach or set of behaviours that set you aside from the rest. I firmly believe my team has that and our historic results show that to be true. The key is maintaining that high level of consistency and delivery to ensure we are a lender of choice for many brokers.”

BFS has remained consistent in its product and service offering through the years, reinforcing the qualities of a stable and secure business that recognises its niche position in the market place.

John added: “Our approach is and always has been markedly different. I would never want to see a longstanding relationship come under threat due to inconsistent product offering or by narrowing a supply channel into us.

“Ultimately the client benefits by knowing exactly what they are going to get from BFS whether they approach us direct or via a broker. It enables the broker to request the same items of due diligence each time, to accurately manage expectation around pricing and LTV and importantly, to minimise fees by having a straight line into the lender. This often comes at a time when a client is under pressure to get funding in place so provides great relief to them knowing that they are in safe hands, both from their broker and lender.”

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